Aerography is a popular kind of art which allows to depict any pictures on any surface with a photographic precision. Aerographic painting adds originality and unique beauty to any car or motorbike. It will highlight the style of the owner and will get you to stand out in the crowd. This incredible technique makes it possible to realize any fruits of your imagination. But without a professional approach there’s a risk of spoiling your car by painting which doesn’t suit the owner and the character of the car. Painting of every car requires an individual and careful approach while keeping in mind a myriad of peculiarities such as the shape of the car, its color, character and the sphere of its use. What matters as well is the tastes of the owner, his or her interests and financial opportunities. While cooperating with an artist it’s essential to trust his opinion. Quite frequently a client wants to depict some certain painting on a certain place while he has no idea of the ultimate result. What will help here is precise sketches from the artist and, that is which one the client will approve of to start the process of painting.


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