Ordering airbrush art

Have you decided to have your vehicle airbrushed? The first step is to make up your mind about the painting you want. The price depends on the scale of a painting, the peculiarities of a surface and the maker of a car or a motorbike.  We don’t mind considering the variants of cooperating with various studios, as far as possible. Also, you have to understand that you’ll need to give up using your vehicle for a while. So, the earlier you order, the better it is. You can do it via our email, by phone or by appointing the meeting with our artist.

We will assist in realizing your fantasies. We’ll also help you to make up your mind about the character of a painting to suit your car in a best way. While ordering airbrush you should remember that this complex art is time-consuming. Naturally, the better idea of what painting you want you have, the quicker the result will be achieved and the artist will be able to get down to drawing the picture on the surface. We kindly ask you to make an advance payment. This sum will be agreed with the master. This is needed to guarantee your intentions and the fact the time spent on making sketches wasn’t wasted. This sum of money will be regarded while drawing the picture on the surface. Still, in case of refusal to have your car airbrushed, the sum won’t be returned. It will then be considered as a payment for the sketches.  The sketches are created keeping in mind the wishes of the owner, the basic color and the shape of a vehicle. Anyway, your order will be formed in close cooperation with an artist. The better you describe the desired image you have, the clearer ideas the artist will get of the style and character of the painting. In the process of drawing sketches any ready sketches or pictures (photos) will help to understand your wishes in a best way. The sketch approved by the client will serve as a pattern for painting.

While being airbrushed your vehicle must be in a clean, dry room with a good lightning. You’ll be offered a studio which meets all the above-mentioned demands. Still, if you have a more preferable variant which suits the required conditions, the master will be always ready to discuss it.

The parts of a vehicle that which are going to be airbrushed are preliminary prepared by the master. The rest will be covered with sticking materials to protect from the paint. In the course of the painting a vehicle must be in the studio and can’t be used by its owner till the whole work has been completed. Some parts have to be dismantled, this includes taking off the door-handles, decorative framings or any other parts preventing the work from being done. By the completion of the process all the parts will be fixed back. After the vehicle has been airbrushed, the client examines it. After the examination, checking and approving, if the client is satisfied with everything, the painting is varnished, polished, and the accessories are attached back. The client can always control the process of work by requiring the photos from the master or by visiting the studio at an arranged time.


Airbrush art has a wide range of its use from painting on the walls of particular interiors, devices, sports or music equipment etc. We are open to all possible offers for cooperation. If your studio has  got a dry and a warm room with a good lightning and the equipment necessary for preparing and polishing a vehicle (where a vehicle can be placed while being airbrushed) , you can offer the service of airbrushing on your own with the preliminary agreement of the artist.


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