Portrait process

In 2012 I did a painting based on a photo made by  Benoit Paille. Painting was done as my final work in First school of Airbrush art , Saint-Petersburg. I would like to share the process of painting this charming old gentleman with you. This was one of the first portraits painted by me.

I did not plan to post any process of my work, but I know that many starting airbrush artists want to learn  portrait painting and these kind of “tutorials” help a bit.


For the start, I printed stencil in needed size. I cut out darkest spots on the face and used it to make a little map of the face. Added background and colors.

1I added basic colors of the hair and some shades. Also I did some textures of the skin simply adding paint on the napkin and lightly touching needed places with it. It may work only for this type of skin. It does not matter what are you painting at the moment, trying to achive any surface texture, will make it look more realistic and interesting.

3Here you can see that I tried to catch his skin tone and drew more  wrinkles and shades.


Drawing hair is one difficult issue with drawing lots of hair, shading it and drawing it again,  shading it and drawing again, repeating it until you get that deep hair structure.











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